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Milk Protein Isolate Powder (MPI)

Gay Lea offers high protein ingredient solutions you can count on.  Manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk, milk protein isolates (MPI) are produced in a state-of-the-art nutraceutical-grade manufacturing facility utilizing exceptional membrane filtration processes.  Our MPI powder is a highly concentrated milk fraction with colloidal minerals, traces of milk fat and lactose, and superior functional emulsifying and stabilizing characteristics.

Yielding high soluble protein levels (90%), this versatile powder is an ideal ingredient for health and well-being applications including early life (infant formulations), meal replacements (aging well), nutritional solutions (active living), and complex protein-fortified applications.

Product Facts

  • 100% Canadian cow milk; no other ingredients
  • Shelf stable
  • Free-flowing, off-white homogenous powder
  • Light, clean milky flavour


  • Excellent heat stability
  • Complete wholesome solutions - versatile range of functional capabilities and applications


  • Packed in 20kg bags
  • Produced in CFIA and FDA registered facility; SQF, COR Kosher, IFANCA Halal certified.

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